Understanding The New Rehabilitation Treatments for Stroke

Brain infarction happens when the blood flow to an area of the brain gets blocked or cut off. During this incident, a part of the brain is deprived of oxygen and glucose. Thus, we will discuss about stroke rehabilitation treatment. We will be discussing modern stroke here and what entails the rehabilitation process.

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Modern Rehabilitation for Stroke and Available Treatments

There are a lot of symptoms of stroke, and the most common are weakness and numbness of the arms or legs and dimming or loss of vision in one or both eyes. People can also experience severe headaches when the condition occurs.

A stroke is a medical crisis, and it is essential to call for immediate medical treatment to avoid any long-term permanent brain damage or any other injury such as loss of vision or paralysis.

Understanding The Treatment: What Happens In Post-Therapy?

Robotic Brain Stereotactic Surgery for the Treatment 

There are many types of stroke, one of which is the cerebral type. During cerebral hemorrhage, the ruptured veins flood the brain with a lot of blood that automatically creates pressure. Through the robotic stereotactic method, there’s a creation of a three-dimensional map of the patient’s brain which allows the robotic surgical system to pinpoint at the highest accuracy.

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Stem Cell Treatment For Stroke Modern Rehabilitation

The new treatment will be advantageous tremendously

Stem cells are considered smart cells in the human body. They can multiply and reintroduce themselves into specific cells. The stem cell treatment begins with a safety efficacy evaluation performed by medical experts. Through this, the attending medical practitioner determines whether the patient is qualified to know the severity of their condition (stroke for this matter).

3K3A-APC For Ischemic New Stroke Rehabilitation Treatment

Ischemic stroke occurs when there is a blood clot obstructing a blood vessel. The new treatment for this is through the administration of a tPA or tissue plasminogen activator. That is why The Scripps Research Institute developed the the 3K3A-APC. Though this type of drug is still in the preliminary stage, it possesses an excellent potential for opening a new way to manage it and other illnesses.

 treatment through robotic stereotactic method
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New Treatment For Stroke – Final Thoughts And Takeaways To Consider

The severity of stroke can vary from one person to another. If there’s no early detection of the disease, brain damage can occur, which will require restoration for this type of stroke. In some worst cases, it can lead to death. It is most common among the elderly, but there are cases where the younger age bracket is affected by the condition. It is important that we all observe a healthy lifestyle to lessen the risk of having it.


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