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Anxiety? Let Your Brain Take a Break!Anxiety? Let Your Brain Take a Break!

Often, decisions made at a knee-jerk situation end up in regret once the panic and anxiety subside. When experiencing anxiety, your typical thought process gets messed up due to the adrenaline the situation gives you. This is the “fight or flight” response, which happens when one perceives danger or harm to them. Researcher, Barbara Fredrickson, […]

Ways For Ophthalmologists To Help Glaucoma Patients Cope With DepressionWays For Ophthalmologists To Help Glaucoma Patients Cope With Depression

  Individuals with eye conditions that may become severe may experience stress due to anxiety or depression. But there are several ways that ophthalmologists can use to help their patients reduce these depressive symptoms, and it can start simply with the doctor’s tone of voice.   Be Mindful Of Your Words. When you are talking […]

CNS DepressionCNS Depression

CNS (Central Nervous System) depression occurs if there is a slowdown in the normal neurological functions of an individual’s body. This can be caused by certain medical conditions, by poisoning or by an overdose of certain substances. Substances that cause CNS depression are referred to as CNS depressants. Using the correct dosage of CNS depressants […]

Stress – A Cause And A Consequence Of Vision LossStress – A Cause And A Consequence Of Vision Loss

  Recent clinical trials and analyses have revealed that stress is not only a consequence but also a cause of vision loss as well. This discovery has led experts to suggest that clinicians must not add any more stress to their eye patients. Instead, they can help them find ways to reduce their anxiety and […]

What Are CNS DepressantsWhat Are CNS Depressants

CNS (Central Nervous System) depression usually happens if an individual abuses a substance that causes a slowdown of the brain’s activity. Such substances are referred to as CNS depressants. Sedatives, hypnotics, and tranquilizers are some examples of CNS depressants. Recently, opioid painkillers have been prescribed by doctors for certain conditions. However, opioid painkillers are sometimes overused by […]

How Therapist View Stroke Motor RehabilitationHow Therapist View Stroke Motor Rehabilitation

Recent studies show that stroke is the leading cause of motor disabilities worldwide. A lot of people suffer from mild and severe conditions in both short and long-term cases. But what exactly is the disease all about? How does it get treated? How does a therapist make people understand the illness? What are the possible […]

An Overview On Spinal Cord InjuryAn Overview On Spinal Cord Injury

  A spinal cord injury is defined as damage to a part of the spinal cord or the nerves at the tail end of the spinal canal (cauda equine). It often causes permanent changes in sensation, strength, and other body functions right below the site of injury. If you or someone you know has recently […]

Understanding The Signs And Types of StrokeUnderstanding The Signs And Types of Stroke

    Mechanics Of Stroke As per the National Stroke Association, stroke is the number 5 leading cause of death among the majority of adults in America. It is also one of the leading causes of disability. However, since people are not aware of the common symptoms of stroke, treatment is usually delayed. Our heart […]

New Technologies For Therapy And Treatment Of StrokeNew Technologies For Therapy And Treatment Of Stroke

The art of science and technology opens the gate towards more possibilities when it comes to aiding medical needs. Due to innovative advancement, modern medical devices pave a much more precise, accurate, and speedy operations. Thus, it tends to save more lives in the process. Since technology focuses on aiding certain conditions, particularly stroke, the […]