Lose Weight, Feel Great

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The 2017 Weight Loss Workshop motivated me to start losing weight. I mean, it was not just the workshop which pushed me to trim down. Three things happened to me that forced this transformation. First, my health was dwindling. Second, I had to be charged more for a seat because I would not fit. Lastly, my boyfriend of three years left me for a woman who was 50 kilos lighter. These life experiences hurt me to the core, and I said, NO MORE. I WILL LOSE WEIGHT. IT’S TIME TO SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS.

So, let us talk about my health. I had these headaches, and it was normal for me to catch my breath as I walk for a few minutes. It is expected since I was almost sixty kilos overweight. I know. That is a huge number to lose, but I felt normal. For me, it was normal, even if it was not. So, long story short – my cardio said I had to lose weight because I was in the pre-diabetes level. If I did not watch it, I would acquire Type 2 diabetes, and nobody wants that.

Shortly after the doctor’s diagnosis, the seat thing happened. When the ground steward saw how huge I was, he bluntly said, “Ma’am, maybe you would be more comfortable in our business class. The seats are spacious and would be very fit for you.” Then, that fella looked at me from head to toe and fakely smiled. I had to pay an extra $800 for a business class seat.

Source: pexels.com

Then, the most painful of all – Lester. He left me for another woman, after everything that we have been through. He used to be obese as well, but he went healthy, changed his eating habits, and had gone into full exercise mode. In as short as 14 months, he becomes such a hottie physically. Not that he was not hot when he had that extra forty kilos in him. But then again, he left me. So, I had to do something.

In 2017, I was 130 kilos. Now, in 2020, I am 80 kilos and looking fab. No diabetes. No more business class seat recommendation, but I do buy it since I can afford it. And no more, Lester. I have a Jake now.

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