Technological Developments For Paralyzed SCI PatientsTechnological Developments For Paralyzed SCI Patients

For so long, spinal cord injury patients have been wallowing in depression and devastation over not being able to walk

Kick Starting Stroke Rehabilitation Through New TechnologyKick Starting Stroke Rehabilitation Through New Technology

The recent stroke rehabilitation tools remain focused on the concept of neuroplasticity, which has been used by caregivers and therapists

The Stress Response: A Better UnderstandingThe Stress Response: A Better Understanding

In life, there is practically a myriad of ways you can get stressed: deadlines in work or school, worrying about

Anxiety? Let Your Brain Take a Break!Anxiety? Let Your Brain Take a Break!

Often, decisions made at a knee-jerk situation end up in regret once the panic and anxiety subside. When experiencing anxiety,

CNS DepressionCNS Depression

CNS (Central Nervous System) depression occurs if there is a slowdown in the normal neurological functions of an individual’s body.

Stress – A Cause And A Consequence Of Vision LossStress – A Cause And A Consequence Of Vision Loss

  Recent clinical trials and analyses have revealed that stress is not only a consequence but also a cause of

What Are CNS DepressantsWhat Are CNS Depressants

CNS (Central Nervous System) depression usually happens if an individual abuses a substance that causes a slowdown of the brain’s

How Therapist View Stroke Motor RehabilitationHow Therapist View Stroke Motor Rehabilitation

Recent studies show that stroke is the leading cause of motor disabilities worldwide. A lot of people suffer from mild